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Supplemental Property Tax Opportunity

Quote from “Since the 2014 Prop. 2 1/2 override failed to pass we’re not going to sit back and watch the town go down the tubes. We realize that over 1,500 voted for it and in all likelihood, many … Continue reading

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Final Vote: 2231 No – 1531 Yes

The final vote for the $3.2M override was 2231 No – 1531 Yes (60% – 40%). All voting results can be found by clicking here.

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Oppose Northbridge override May 20

On Tuesday, May 20, Northbridge voters will be asked at the annual election if they want to increase their property taxes by more than 17 percent via a permanent, operational Proposition 2½ override. This equates to a $700 tax increase on … Continue reading

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$100M contribution to schools for nothing

Here is an interesting article about contributing more money toward schools and what happens as a result… Has Mark Zuckerberg’s $100 million gift to Newark public schools gone down the drain? The money’s gone but standards remain the same

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