$100M contribution to schools for nothing

Here is an interesting article about contributing more money toward schools and what happens as a result…

Has Mark Zuckerberg’s $100 million gift to Newark public schools gone down the drain? The money’s gone but standards remain the same

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  1. A Methodical Financial Approach For Schools:

    There is ample enough funding in the Town’s Financial reserves to give the School’s it’s requested $1 Million Dollars to get them through the Fiscal 2015 School year in my opinion. Information I have attained from my satellites in Town Government, Town Free Cash:$750,000 dollars, Main Stabilization Account $1.7 Million dollars, Health Insurance Stabilization Account $600,000-$700,000 dollars, $215,000-$250,000 from selling recent Tax Lien property at a Tax Auction, additional funding in State UN-restricted local aid, and an additional $62,000 dollars in Chap 70 funding from the State, both for Fiscal 2015.

    Since it took the Town almost six years to get into this Budget Hurricane, I suggest a highly motivated, Select Budget First Aid Select Committee to be established by the BOS or the Town Moderator as soon as possible. This Select Committee will need a facilitator with Budgetary knowledge and Courage, a Mission Statement on reforming our Town Government, Budgetary, and possible Town Department, structural Budgetary reforms. This group will act as the Town’s yearly budget is similar to their household budget, and how the ordinary household has had to adjust since the Great Recession of 2007 took a foot hold in this Nation.

    They will need to have a rough draft in five month’s and a completed Memorandum in seven month’s, an additional two month’s for all Town Boards to review it and offer input. It should then go for the BOS for a fast track review, and for those parts that can be approved the BOS, they should be enacted, and other parts before the Voters’ at the next possible Town Meeting. We can no longer just sit back and think the State, and the General tax payer is going to Bail the Town out. As as Town we have to become the Master’s of our own Financial Destiny, or if not may a State Receiver be our ultimate destination if we shall like or not?

    Plus if you look at the Ballot Question for May 20, 2014, there is no wording in it for it to be tapered/indexed for five years, even if it is tapered/indexed the sixth year and beyond speaks volumes. Plus there is no wording in it for the Schools to mandate it’s Educational Level from a three to at the min a level two School District. ‘Strange’ Uxbridge and Sutton are level two School Districts what are they doing right and our town Northbridge doing different? Plus my satellites at the recent Town Meeting advised me the Warrant Article that was presented to the Voter’s, from the FINCOM was ‘defective’ and had to be racalibrated. Ask yourself this question if they could not even get a basic Town Meeting Warrant Article correct, would you trust your potential $3.2 Million Dollars may be spent correctly? Plus without any legal trigger, accountability standards, the School Department must improve the School System, upon receiving a Taxpayers Brinks Truck of $3.2 Million Dollars?

  2. FYI: High Schools Ratings Massachusetts: 2013

    Northbridge., at #224 approx $11,000 per pupil, Hopkinton #36., $12,000 per pupil, go figure?

    We need a ‘Methodical’ approach to our School Budget Issue’s & Performance Issues, not just a Santa’s Bag of a $3.2 Million Dollar gift with no safeguards, or accountability.

    CHART: Massachusetts’ Top High Schools 2013 From #1 to #344

    From #1 Weston High School to #344 International High School in Lawrence, you’ll find every public, charter, and technical high school in Massachusetts. Where does your school fall?
    Note: Schools that were missing MCAS or SAT scores were not ranked. Due to errors on the MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education data base, Whitman-Hanson Regional High School’s data was judged to be inaccurate and the school was therefore not including in the 2013 ranking.


  3. How Can Schools Save Money In Massachusetts: ‘NORTHBRIDGE’!
    Or just Google how Schools can save money in MA.

    As mandated special-education spending continues to creep up, school systems across the South Shore are turning to “in district” programs in an effort to keep those expenses from getting out of control.

    LINK: http://www.patriotledger.com/article/20140421/News/140429650

    Schools Abandon Textbooks To Go All iPad
    The school saved money by getting rid of its computer labs, abandoning plans to build a new language lab and deciding it would no longer buy new textbooks.

    LINK: http://hereandnow.wbur.org/2012/03/23/schools-textbooks-ipad

    How Schools Are Making Solar Power Affordable
    Solar power can save schools money and give students a valuable educational experience.
    Read more at http://thejournal.com/articles/2013/04/30/how-schools-are-making-solar-power-affordable.aspx?admgarea=Features1#OLmDLzU0BwpXlf2S.99

    School: Purchasing Collaborative s:
    If saving money is the goal, there are many studies that support effective but less-drastic approaches that keep schools in local hands, such as ‘purchasing collaboratives’, in which independent districts ‘join together’ to buy supplies or utilities, or share certain teachers or administrators, guidance counselors, secretaries, maint staff, janitors, school vehicles, bus transportation, snow removal. In Maine, consolidation opponents are pushing this option.

    Why not Uxbridge, and Douglas for Purchasing Collaborative s with Northbridge?

  4. John Mantos says:

    Burton Cummings

    ’10 Reasons To Oppose Common Core’!!!
    Julie Borowski has a great new video laying out 10 reasons to oppose Common Core.


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