Supplemental Property Tax Opportunity

Quote from “Since the 2014 Prop. 2 1/2 override failed to pass we’re not going to sit back and watch the town go down the tubes. We realize that over 1,500 voted for it and in all likelihood, many others were in favor of it. We would like to give these people the opportunity to pay the additional taxes they so desperately wanted to pay. Although it won’t provide the full amount the schools asked for, it should at least make a big difference. We’re sure the Town of Northbridge will accept it.”

Start by going here: “Northbridge – Support Our Services Supplemental, Voluntary Property Tax” Page

You can find your Assessed Value by clicking here. is not affiliated with Northbridge SOS nor and did not create the pages linked above. The Town of Northbridge claims it cannot accept this money.

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10 Responses to Supplemental Property Tax Opportunity

  1. Mark says:

    To assume that the 1500 Yes voters were all property
    owners, that only property owners voted, and that a
    majority of the 1500 were property owners, is a reach.

    • Jeff says:

      There was 1531 voters that were in favor of the override. Some may have been couples living in the same house, some could be renters, Rent does cover the property tax of the building in which they live. The form does account for that.

      If you simply want to give money to the town, you can.

  2. Mark says:

    I would add that the contribution process should be opened
    up to all voters/taxpayers in town, not just property owners.

  3. Ben Cartwrightson says:

    Tales From The Blackstone Valley Ponderosa:

    Rumor may have it as the Ponderosa Boys were having a hardy breakfast this morning at a local breakfast restaurant, just shy of the Bad Lands. Hoss asked Paw, what is the Town going to do now that the Override failed? Paw replied to Hoss did you not see the BOS Meeting Monday night? Our excellent Financial person advised we have plenty of money in all our Stabilization Accounts, Free Cash, Chap 70 State Aid, and the recent land auction to give the Schools maybe $500,000- $600,000 dollars for fiscal 2015 School Budget. If they may have a viable plan with performance standards, may be beneficial if they do request funding from those possible accounts. Plus the people that also voted ‘yes’ for the Override can always donate extra money to the Town also.

    Then Adam said, that may also give the Town/Schools a year to come up with some type of Budget, and Town Government reform plan to help the Town go forward in the coming years also. You may be asking for little bit to much their Adam, said Paw.

    Now you may wish to have a cup of coffee on this one Paw, said Little Joe. I heard that when the Town Manager and the School Superintendent may go on their Association’s sabbaticals in Las Vegas in the coming year. They may ask their Association’s to look at the Unfunded Mandates in the State for Schools, and to try to do something about them for Municipalities. I think I will have another cup of coffee on that one Little Joe, plus pass the bacon!

    Link: Bonanza Boys

    ‘This and That’

    Rumors flying around Memorial Square this morning had a look a like ‘Roy Orbison’ filling in as a Co-Host for a local Town Politics Cable Show that aired on May 21.

    ‘Goodnight ‘HB’ Wherever You Are!’

  4. Ben Cartwrightson says:

    Memorial Day:

    The Bonanza Boys wishing all TownPolitic’s groupies a ‘Safe and Happy’ Memorial Day Holiday.

    If you can take a moment to reflect on all our love ones, that have passed on.

    Remember: June 6, 1944 & 10,000 Americans that gave their life’s for a Free World.

  5. Volunteer says:

    The supplemental tax is available to all, not just
    the 1531 and not just homeowners!

    It’s a great plan!

    Join the 1531 club!

    It’s just 2 large coffees per day. A little more than $5 a day.

    Come on everyone, you can make a difference!

    Say YES to the 1531 club!

  6. ContributeNow says:

    Thanks for making our contribution to the town very easy.
    We decided to use this form to make quarterly contributions.
    I think if you wanted to make monthly or weekly donations to the
    town you could just do so by dividing accordingly.

    I was committed to the override to start with and I know at least
    1,530 other people are committed to it to so we just need to spread
    the word that we can in fact still succeed by just making these payments
    by using this form.

    Great idea. Count me in as a member of the growing 1531 CLUB.

    Let’s Save Our Northbridge.

  7. Gift says:

    The town accepts monetary gifts all the time.

    This is a great way to help the town.

  8. Happy says:

    I didn’t think to do this but it makes sense for us to band together. A yes or a no vote was not going to change what I did every day. I still have the same routine and now I can help the town by sending a check for what the override would have cost me.

    I’m glad to do it.

  9. just a thought says:

    A great idea- let the people who so desperately wanted the override pay the additional tariff. But my guess is the majority of the people who pay it will be the ones who benefit from it so it seems fair to me.

    Only issue that may arise is some people will want their issue or activity covered and others will want another, will you end up with people giving money not knowing exactly how it will be used. Eventually I think down the road – you will see the evolution of a base tax, and a tax if you have kids in school or want additional school services. Just a thought. Things won’t change that fast.

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